Advice for Alex Sink

The nation watched at Rick Scott upset poll favorite Bill McCollum. In what turned into a very nasty and expensive race, just about every piece of dirty laundry in Rick Scott’s closet was aired. And Republicans still chose Scott.

Now the race is between Democrat Alex Sink and Rick Scott.

To date, Sink’s campaign has risen above the dirt. She didn’t really engage in the race yet, easily beating her opponent. As a result, she is relatively unknown.

I’m sure she will be getting all kinds of advice today. Here is mine: focus on the issues.

McCollum tried everything he could to defeat Scott. He pulled all kinds of mud from the past. Scott responded by telling his side of the story. When things got ugly, Scott focused on things McCollum had done in office and things he had said in the campaign.

People have seen the dirt on Scott, and the voted for him anyway. Sink should focus her campaign on the issues. That is the hope she has of winning.