The Apple Live Event – My Wants

Wednesday for the first time normal people can watch Steve Jobs reveal new iterations of Apple products live. Now instead of checking the live blogs of various Mac news sites, we can watch the new Apple goodness as it is unveiled.

So what will the event bring? There are tons of rumors out there. These are a few I’d like to be true:

I love my Apple TV, but ever since I got a Blu Ray player I have not been using it as much. My player can stream Netflix, so I find myself opting for that more often. I’ve never been a fan of the iTunes rentals on Apple TV. The 24 hour limit really turned me off. I used it to watch my own movies. I have a few iTunes movie purchases, but have only ever rented one movie. Even at a potential $.99, TV show rentals are not appealing.

But an iOS device that can stream both my content and use apps to stream from the internet would be very nice. And it would fit into the current crop of iOS media consumption devices.. Imagine watching Netflix on your iPhone, they picking up again on the iPad, and eventually ending up on a TV. or, more likely, imagine watching a show on your TV, and taking it with you on your iPad.

And an app-based device would easily allow for expanding video offerings.

iPod Touch
It only makes sense for Apple to update the iPod touch to mimic the new iPhone. And they could use the user base to help Facetime take off. Combine that with the 720p HD camera and a new iPod Touch should be a huge hit.

If this does not happen I will be shocked.

iTunes in a Cloud
I think this is a long shot, but having my content available for streaming through all of my Apple products would be very nice. My major complaint about the whole iOS device line is that you must have a computer with all of the files loaded on it in order to load the media on the different devices. Being able to load my media up in the “cloud’ and then enjoy it where ever I am without worrying about storage would be nice.

But the logistics and licensing for this may be beyond what we should expect for this event. maybe some time in the future.

There have been some other rumors, like a new version of the iPad. The only real chance for a new iPad would be if they add a front facing camera, again to build the user base for Facetime. We should get a definite date for the release of iOS 4 for the iPad.