iPods and Apple TV

So, after my pre-announcement post, I never came back and commented on the actual announcment.

First, the ability to stream was very nice. I suspect their main purpose was to tie in the Apple TV as a Stream-Only device. Let me say that the stream quality was amazing. I watched full screen on a 30″ Apple display, and could not believe the detail. There were a couple of hiccups, and my bandwidth had some issues, but overall it was very good.

Apple TV
Well I was surprised by what was announced. I really thought that Apple TV would be an iOS device. I can understand why they are not doing that yet, but I wish they had. What they did announce isn’t really complete. It’s a start. I do not think the $1 TV rentals are a good idea. I won’t be renting them. If they could offer network subscriptions or something, I would think about it.

But the streaming model is solid. It’s a good start. Adding Netflix is great. Now they need Hulu Plus. I’d love for Apple to create their own streaming “channel”. So, it’s not complete, but its a start. I miss the local storage a bit, but will not miss the time it took to sync.

And for $100, I pre ordered it. I’ve already got the entertainment center set up, with an HDMI cable waiting.

I think they made the right move on the Shuffle. The Nano is probably the right thing as well, although I hate to see the video capture and playback go away. Moving to HD only capture devices is smart, but a little sad. Still, I don’t know many that used the other versions of the Nano to watch video. I’ve tried it, and didn’t go back.

The new Touch was what I am most excited about. The only disappointment for me was that you don’t get the 5 megapixel camera for stills. But the HD video capture and retina display is much appreciated. Faster processor and the 3 axis Gyro will make this even more of a gaming device.

I went ahead and sold my old Apple TV and iPod Touch to fund the purchase of this new one.

I like Game Center. I pay Microsoft $60 annually to get what Apple is doing for free. It’s a lot like Ping, in that it is a framework that hasn’t filled out yet, but the potential is there. We just need more games that take full advantage of it. We don’t need more games that simply let you share scores. We want internet multiplayer. Cro Mag Rally has this, and it’s fun. This will only get better.