Apple TV First Impression

The Apple TV we bought for the church arrived today.

The device is small. The remote a little larger than I expected. Box has remote, power cord and the Apple TV. Hook up was simple. Set up was also easy, if a bit tedious. The initial text entry is not as easy as the rest of the set up. Long strings of text navigated by the included remote don’t make for swift text entry. Compared to the rest of the set up, it was a bit laborious, especially when my co worker forgot his Apple ID and had to re-enter it. But if that’s my biggest gripe, then there’s nothing to worry about. I’ve read that the new version of the Remote app for your iPhone or iPad works better.

After set up it was on to playing around.

The TV we were using did not treat SD content very nicely. But when we went to see the trailers provided by Apple, we were impressed. it really looked great.

To see your files on your iTunes, make sure you have version 10.x, and turn on Home Sharing. Files streamed quickly. The computer were using did not have any of my own videos on it, so I can’t compare quality.

We hooked up a Netflix account. I was very very happy with how this worked. loved the display and the quickness of the buffer. I’m guessing that 8GB of flash memory helps. We could skip around in the video without long pauses for buffering. My home Blu Ray player always has a long pause to catch up if you try to fast forward.

I am eager to get my hands on my own and try it out at home. Here, we are looking at ways to jailbreak it and lock down content so we can use it for in class streaming around campus.

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  1. Kris Kircher

    Hey Scott, I just saw that the iPhone Dev Team has announced that the new Apple TV 2 has been successfully jailbroken. Now they’re working on making it simpler and figuring out how to install apps in that 8gb of storage!

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