I Miss Storage on the Apple TV, I want AirPlay Now

[See my quick review of AirPlay]

I miss being able to store media on the Apple TV. I do. I really do.

It’s not a huge thing because I mostly watch streaming media anyway. I didn’t consciously make the choice to do this, but except for local news and football, I have streamed every other show I wanted to see this Fall. I like the streaming model. I think it is the right choice for the future.

But for now, I miss not having local storage on the Apple TV. With my old one, I used to load up a bunch of movies, and just watch them when I got around to it. It was a simple as turning on the TV and grabbing the remote. With the new Apple TV, I need to have my computer on with iTunes open. I use a laptop, and don’t always take it home, especially since I use an iPad.

And it’s not just my laptop. I have a lot of movies, and I need to store most of them on an external drive. So I have to set up the laptop, power the drive and get iTunes open before I can watch movies from my library. No big deal if I have a desktop, but since the laptop travels, there is always a set up. Even if I don’t need it for anything else.

I find myself choosing to watch something from Netflix. Or watching my video on my other iOS devices.

That is why I think that when iOS 4.2 hits, and AirPlay becomes available, this issue will go away for me. I can load multiple movies on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, and then with the touch of the screen, I can see those on my TV. This should remove my issues with streaming my own content. Movies I want to see can be loaded to my iPod just as easily as they were loaded to the old Apple TV.

I just wish 4.2 was here already.