The Ups and Downs of ESPN3 for a Brighthouse Xbox Live Subscriber

I was excited to hear that I might soon be able to view ESPN3 content through my Xbox Live account. It would be yet another step toward an existence without cable TV. I want to move toward a streaming only entertainment package.

Then I was disappointed to learn that Time Warner, and by extension Brighthouse, had issues with ESPN3, and did not allow the content to be viewed by their subscribers.

I was pleased to learn that they worked out their differences last month.

I was disappointed when I installed ESPN3 on my Xbox and had limited access because my ISP is Brighthouse. Especially since Time Warner is listed as an affiliated ISP.

I was glad to learn that ESPN3 is working on bringing that content to Time Warner/Brighthouse by the end of the year. It is disappointing that the NFL season will be pretty much over by then.

One thought on “The Ups and Downs of ESPN3 for a Brighthouse Xbox Live Subscriber

  1. Nick

    Well, now ESPN3 is available for BrightHouse customers via However, apparently there is no access for XBox Live users on BrightHouse. After calling ESPN, they informed me that BrightHouse has a contract with them for online (web streaming) content, but no contract for XBox Live conent. A call to BrightHouse resulted in them also telling me that it is not available for XBox and to the best they could determine, there were no plans in place to change that in the future. Sucks.

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