Going Paperless

Since I’ve been using an iPad, I have been drift more and more toward a paperless existence. I couldn’t do it immediately, but once I found my preferred note taking app, I stopped carrying aper and pen to meetings. I started using Evernote last September, and it has changed my work life. Four months in I am still at the “free” level because I either have not adopted or just don’t need some of the features.

But I did take another step toward using Evernote more fully, and toward using even less paper.

No matter what I do I will always end up in a meeting with someone who has a paper handout. Or I may find myself with a scratched or scribbled note. I need to hang onto those things, and I don’t have an electronic copy.

One great feature of Evernote is that you can email yourself files, which can be converted to searchable PDFs. You just need a scanner that can scan to PDF. I have a multi function printer in my area, and it can easily scan docs into PDF. I had a stack of paper on my desk that I just didn’t want to throw out. I finally got around to scanning it in, and even better I automated the upload to Evernote. Any email from the scanner that hits my Exchange account triggers a rule that forwards it to the Evernote upload email address.

In a matter of minutes my desk was clean. Papers I’d had sitting there for a year had been scanned and uploaded. Now, whenever an wherever I need the docs they are available. I just need my computer, iPhone or iPad to access them.