I’m Looking for TV Show Ideas

So, the other day I posted about a different distribution model for TV programming. You can read about it in detail there, but generally I am convinced that the shift going on in video distribution holds a major opportunity for Christians to present shows with characters that interact with the world from a biblical perspective. The post is long and full of data, but the conclusion is the same: The key part of this is finding a show that people want to watch more than once.

The model is geared for social media users age 18-34. Those are the people most likely to watch internet TV. That statistic is growing, so it will change over time but for now that is the target.

So where do you find show ideas? It cannot be cheesy. It cannot cost an arm and a leg to produce. So no sci fi epics. Looking at programming directed at this age range, there are a lot of reality shows. I could see a show about Christians that are actually impacting the world, living out 1 John 4. You could follow them around, but there is a lot of framework that would need to be developed. Or maybe it should be a different premise? Or it could be a sitcom? Or a drama?

One thing is clear, without a good show this idea goes nowhere.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Looking for TV Show Ideas

  1. Jim

    We’re doing the typical worship service broadcast but we’re about to launch a new 30 minute program that will have a variety of preaching, features, and even women teaching. (Don’t tell anybody that.)
    We’ll be placing it in fringe time (late night or early morning). It’ll be more like a infomercial. It will be repeatable. We’ll probably not leave it one place a long time 3-6 months.
    We’ll also support it with excerpts on You Tube thank link back to the program and our website.
    It could really be fun but more importantly we hope it is fruitful.

  2. Loved running across your #NRB11 tweets and seeing that you’re in Orlando. Love the ideas I see represented here on your blog. In #Indy we’re intentionally connecting a citywide tapestry of our driven-Christian communicators (IndyChristian.com). A number of them are the film/media types it’ll take to produce such shows, and produce them quickly. We’re watching 168FilmProject for some bold moves in that direction, and hoping to learn some quicker capabilities ourselves. Look forward to meeting you perhaps at #Orlando2011. Blessings. Neil

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