Spreading the Word

In just a couple of days I am off to the annual NRB convention, where I will learn about communication techniques using modern technology to reach the masses.

But the other day our staff talked with people from Wycliffe Bible Institute. They are located near us, and we are going to partner with them to finish a Bible translation for one of the 2100+ languages in the world that do not have the Word of God in their language.

I can access multiple Bible translations and study helps on my phone while thousands of people in the world that do not even have the possibility to read it in their language. Imagine living your whole life and suddenly being able to read about Jesus for the first time? Suddenly life-changing word are available for you to read. The guys from Wycliffe told us about one village that had seven days of dancing after the Bible in their language was delivered.

We take access to scripture for granted. When was the last time we actually celebrated the Bible? This is God breathed communication with us. I love the fact that we can use print to impact one people, and modern technology to impact another.