The iPad 2: Was I Close and Will I Buy It?

Back in the middle of January I joined the speculation about what the new iPad 2 would be.

I was right about the outside of the iPad. Your old case won’t fit. It’s thinner than the iPhone 4, and a little lighter.

I was wrong about the higher resolution display. Maybe next time. But there is a better graphics package.

Both cameras appeared. The rear one turned out to be the same as the one in the iPod Touch. Not great, but good for 720p video and Facetime.

iOS 4.3 will bring mobile hotspot, but only to the iPhone. But the Airplay features are going to be amazing.

Generally, the iPad 2 was a decent upgrade. Double the processing speed, and 9 times the graphic power. The addition of cameras and Facetime rounds out the Apple line. These should help keep Apple ahead of the pack.

But, I won’t be getting one, soon anyway. I like the upgrades, but my current iPad is serving my needs just fine. I wish that the new iMovie would run on it, but I can always use my laptop for editing. It’s a ice upgrade, and once they come out and the reviews come in, I could be convinced, but for now I will wait a while.