FCPX: Tread Carefully Into the New World of Final Cut Pro

Yesterday Apple released the latest version of Final Cut Pro. There was a lot of trepidation about this new version.

The previews showed an editor highly influenced by iMovie. But one that showed real promise in moving FCP in a new professional direction as well. Some of the new features are very appealing.

FCPX is no longer part of Final Cut Studio, and is only available through the Mac App store for $299.00. New versions of Motion and Compressor are also available for about $50 each. That is a significant price drop. And based on reactions from many, it will be necessary. A lot of old FCP users are not happy with the new version.

I have heard conflicting reports that FCPX will update your old FCP. one said it would install alongside it, another said it wiped his previous version out. So be careful. you may want to take steps to protect your old version and projects.

Mainly because the new FCPX will NOT open older FCP projects. If you ever need to get at those old files, better preserve your current version of FCP. In addition a lot of professional features are missing, according to some. As I write this, the Mac App store listing shows the star ratings, but does not show any reviews of the new version. Odd since I know that (negative) reviews have been written.

Some people will say that this is the first version of a whole new platform. Sure, but don’t call it Final Cut Pro. Using the FCP name gives the impression that it is actually a FCP product, when it seems to be an entirely different application altogether. Leaving out those features is inexcusable for a new version of FCP, but would be no big deal for a new product.

But the reality is that Apple did label this as Final Cut Pro. So if you upgrade, be sure to be be aware of the issues. At this point, I will wait until FCP 11.