Trusting in the Dark: Current Frustrations can Lead to Future Benefits

Last night I was reminded of an event in my life, which at the time was so very frustrating, but ultimately became a pivotal moment for me. I was frustrated because my desires were thwarted. But if I had gotten my way I would be a different person.

You see, I was trying to get back into college. I had left school as a Recording Industry Management major at MTSU, quitting to work in a recording studio. I felt God calling me to a different role in ministry. I had thought I was in my dream job, but after a couple of years I was not satisfied with just facilitating other’s ministry. The limit of my creativity was deciding which EQ setting I dialed in, and which compressor setting was used. It was important work, but I felt God had something more in mind.

So I quit and went back to school with a goal to finish as quickly as possible, and go on to seminary. I thought I was going to be a youth pastor. I had n idea what lay ahead of me, except that I needed to get out of college fast so I could move on to seminary. My plan was to go back to MTSU and finish my recording degree.

The RIM program at MTSU was very structured. You had a specific schedule of classes you needed to take each semester to graduate on time. Each class built on the previous one. I had stopped in the middle of that process, so I had one particular studio class I needed to take in order to stay on track to graduate. MTSU did phone registration at that time, and you had to call in during your specific time, or you might find your class filled. Some only had 16 spots.

I knew that the registration date was approaching, but I had not gotten my information. So I called the school, and found out that my time for registration had been the day before. It was a clerical error on their part, but no amount of reasoning could get them to kick another student out of a full class. I was stuck. If I continued on the RIM degree plan I would graduate a semester later than I had hoped. That was not going to do. I didn’t care what degree I got, I just wanted out so I could go be a youth pastor, or whatever God wanted.

So I talked with a counselor at the school, she showed me that I could switch to the Radio/TV program and get out on time. I graduated, on time, with a Radio/TV emphasis from MTSU. While in school I got a part time job as a youth minister, and 9 months later I was glad God showed me that was not what I would be doing with my life.

Instead, one of the most frustrating things I had ever faced in my young life turned out to be God’s hand at work. I can’t imagine what I would be doing if I had not switched majors. Both the experiences and education in audio and video have been invaluable in my carer and ministry. Yet if I had my way back then, I would never have learned about video. I was completely in the dark about my future, and why God was letting this horrible event slow me down and change my path.

But God knew all along.

What event or delay in your life is frustrating you? You may have no control of the situation, may not be able to see ahead, but God can.