Courageous Movie: #Javiismyhero

I just got back from seeing the latest movie from Sherwood Pictures, Courageous.

This could have been one of those “you should go see it this weekend to help support Christian films in theaters” posts, but really, I enjoyed it a lot. You should just go see it because it’s a decent movie. See it this weekend to help support Christian films, because the more money it makes this weekend, the longer it will be in theaters.

I liked Flywheel, and Facing the Giants, and Fireproof. But this is a better film. Better writing, better acting, and better production.

I’m not sure if you would describe it as a heartfelt drama with a lot of actions scenes, or an action movie with a lot of crying. There are some really well done action sequences and some nice plot twists. With every movie Sherwood and the Kendrick brothers are getting better and better at telling a story, and the acting is getting better too.

My favorite character is Javi. I loved his story. He is my hero. In fact I’m going to go ahead say that if you like Javi, tweet the hashtag: #Javiismyhero to @courageousmovie. (Please don’t comment and say that Jesus should be my hero, you know what I mean.) I won’t spoil anything in the movie by telling you too much, but he was a great character.