Following Instructions: Design Flaw or My Mistake

So I finally bought a grill. I have thought about it for years, but never done it. I went down to the store, picked it out and told the sales guy I wanted to get it. He asked if I wanted the assembled one or the one in a box.

Sadly, the assembled one was a bit too big for my wife’s car. So we got the one in a box. I took it home and started to put it together.

About 10 minutes in, I was almost laughing at the poor design. The angles didn’t match right, and the screw holes seemed out of place. I had questions about it’s structural integrity. I assumed cheap grills all had this issue.

Then I suddenly realized that I was putting it together wrong. One piece was upside down. Swap it out, and suddenly the pieces all fit together.

My perspective on the designer suddenly changed. I wasn’t laughing, I was appreciating the way the thing went together. It was surprisingly easy once I was following the instructions again.

Made me wonder about when I think God has gone crazy, maybe I’m looking at a piece of the grill wrong.

At any rate, I’m eating steak tonight.