God Has a Plan, and Its Better Than Yours

Last week God showed me once again why my ideas and plans are nothing when compared to his.

I attended the ICVM conference of Christian Media Professionals. There were tons of film makers and actors and distributors represented. I had never been to the conference before. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew a couple of things I wanted to accomplish. The conference, as I experienced it, was primarily about spiritual renewal and networking. there were some great moments of worship, prayer, and message. And there were some structured and unstructured times for networking with people who do what you do, or can work with you in what you do. It was a great week.

One thing God kept hitting me over the head with was that his plans are better than my plans.his plans work, my plans often do not.

One thing I was excited about was meeting potential distributors for the show. I had made contact with one such company several months ago, and had even set up a meeting. I went into the conference expecting that meeting would be the most important business result of the time I spent there.

I could not have been more wrong.

The meeting was fine. They were friendly, and seemed somewhat interested in my show, promised to watch it. But they didn’t have a lot of experience in internet (Netflix/Hulu/AmazonPrime) delivery. There is still the very real possibility of working with them in the future, but there are other distributors as well.

After the meeting I was mulling over what had happened, and what I had been expecting. Doing some self examination, if you will, when Jim West, who owns Legacy TV walked by. We spoke about a show I produce on a contract basis which airs on his network, we talked about the NRB a while, and then he asked what I was doing now.

By the end of the conversation he had agreed to air episodes of Peculiar on his network in the Fall. 46 million homes. 234 affiliates.

Now, I am still committed to delivering the show through the internet. I still want it on a streaming service like Netflix. But if someone wants to broadcast my show to 46 million homes, I will be happy to let them. Shows should start running mid October. (Assuming we can get everything done. We are still raising funds. You can be a part of it!)

If you had told me prior to the conference that by its end I would have had an agreement to broadcast the show, I would have laughed. I wasn’t going in to talk with networks. But here we are. This is a hard thing for me.

I plan things. I think strategically, I work out logistics. In many cases, these are good traits. But not when my plans get off track from God’s direction.

Toward the end of the week Bill Muir spoke out of John 15, and the importance of abiding in Him. When we as branches, move away from the vine, we wither. When we stay with the vine, we grow. Running ahead of God’s timing will result in mistakes and disappointment. Waiting for his timing is always better.

As I finished the week I write this down: Biggest thing I’ve learned here- God has a plan, and it’s better than yours, so deal with it.