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This week I signed a contract with a distributor for Peculiar.

This is new to me, so it’s very early to be writing about this. But I wanted to share how that happened.

First, you need a product.

I started trying to shop the show a year ago, before we had a show. I met a distributor through a friend at last year’s NRB Convention. I didn’t even have a pilot then, just the preview video and an idea. They were polite, but not interested, because I didn’t have anything yet.

Then I saw the same folks at last year’s ICVM conference which was in Orlando in Summer of 2012. I had a pilot then. They were nice enough, but with just a 20 minute pilot, there was nothing for them yet.

Without a product, it’s not worth their time to talk to a new, unknown video producer. I was trying to build a relationship, but they deal with so many producers, it’s hard to be remembered.

So, when I got a product, and had the DVD close to finished, I sent them a pre- pre- release copy. A week or so later I checked to make sure they had received it. They had.

Here’s the second thing, just because you have talked to someone about your show or movie doesn’t mean that they will sign you.

After I finished the DVD, I decided that I wouldn’t wait to hear a negative back from the first company. They are great folks, they do good work. I’m guessing they just didn’t feel the show was a fit for them.

Third, there are a lot of distributors out there.

I sent out emails to every decent Christian video distributor I could find online. Some I had heard of, some I hadn’t.

The email had several parts: Greeting, why I was writing to them, what I had to offer, an analysis of the current and potential audience for the show, What our future plans were and the website where the content could be viewed.

I heard back from two. One asked for a copy of the DVD (but it felt like a general request more than genuine interest). The other had seen the shows online, and offered a contract immediately. Since this was new for me, I had quite a few questions.

After everything had been explained, I took a few days to pray about it. I asked some others to join me. In the meantime, I also found out more about the company from folks who know it.

So we signed the deal, and now are working toward a Summer retail release.

One thought on “Retail Distribution

  1. Rich Nation

    Congrats! Hopefully they will get it into bookstores for you . My experience is that most of these Christian distribution co.s do little more that print the DVDs and offer them for sale online. Rember they are there to make money, not to minister like you and I.
    They only put money into promoting and getting stores to carry the product if they feel its a low risk high success potential for THEM. Welcome to the frenzy 🙂 I pray for much success and blessings for you. Sounds like your having fun learning all the ins and outs of this. 😉

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