Creativity in the Midst of Craziness: Hosea and Gomer Project

I have been wanting to get my hands on a script that I could shoot as a short film. You know, because I am not busy enough as it is with my family, and the show, and fundraising, and the freelance work, and such.

But I don’t really know where to find these things. Scripts that people who wrote them will let you shoot for free, just to experiment.

So, even though I am crazy busy, I started writing one last night. It’s based on a character in a movie idea I have. (A movie idea that could be a TV series…but I digress). And that in turn is based on the Hosea and Gomer story.

Think about it. God chooses Hosea, has him marry a prostitute who repeatedly cheats on him, and Hosea keeps taking her back. Not just taking her back, but going after her. The 3rd child they have isn’t even his kid.

Can you imagine how he must have felt every time? Not the churchy answers, but the real gritty response to finding out that your wife, the woman you love, the mother of your children, has cheated… again! 

So, of course, in my head it’s not a simple shoot. To do it right there’s multiple locations, props. You have to find just the right actors. 

But still, fun to be creative.