Why I’m Choosing the Canon 70D Over the BMPCC, Probably

cam vsI have been looking at upgrading my Canon 60D, which I pretty much only use as a video camera. I have been considering either the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera or the Canon 70D.

At just $1000, the BMPCC is an amazing device. Pro Res video codec, with RAW to be added later. 13 stops of dynamic range. Everything I’ve read about it leads me to believe that it would allow me to capture and edit amazing video.

The 70D, though, comes with actual autofocus, uses my current lenses and card and batteries. And is actually available.

The BMPCC is still backordered everywhere. And requires very fast cards, and with the included Pro Res codec… very big cards. Plus the battery life is reported to be very poor. Right off the bat, to make the BMPCC ready for me to use, I need to drop a couple hundred dollars on cards, and get a good EF to MFT mount adapter, and get more batteries. With those additions, the cost of the BMPCC jumps up over the 70D body by a couple hundred dollars.

The 70D still has all the limitations of DSLR video. Compressed video. Limited audio. Limited dynamic range. But, the wifi and autofocus and other new features are appealing. The 70D would be a major upgrade for me.

Of course, the video coming out of the BMPCC is so very nice. No, I’m definitely getting the 70D… maybe… probably.


2 thoughts on “Why I’m Choosing the Canon 70D Over the BMPCC, Probably

  1. Rich Nation

    I agree with u on going with a DSLR over the bmpcc. I shoot with a Nikon d800. At the time i bought it I was considering the black magic cinema camera (also at $3k then/last yr.) but it was impossible to find one and needed something soon. Shooting RAW files is very flexible but also headache (takes longer to color correct etc. and files are HUGE).
    Have you tried auto focus on a DSLR in movie mode? If not prepare to be disappointed. Totally unusable for making serious movies. Get you a set of lens gears and a follow focus instead.

    1. Re: autofocus… That’s supposed to be the newest, greatest thing with the 70D. It can supposedly track (in decent light) and keep focus. I’m eager to see it in action. I saw the body in life, but the battery was dead. Couldn’t try it out. I’ve seen some test video. Seems to work.

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