Rolling With The Punches

glovesI’ve never been a huge fan of boxing. But I do respect the physical stamina and strength, and sheer courage it takes to get into a ring knowing the other guy is literally trying to knock your block off. The phrase “rolling with the punches” means that when a blow gets past your defenses, you dodge, twist or roll to one side so you don’t absorb the full force of the blow.

In life, the punch is coming in, you can’t block it. So do you just take it, or do you adjust so it does as little damage as possible?

Sometimes it’s just a mental adjustment. You deal with the new information, and make the best decision you can. You adjust to the new reality. Sometimes you make more tangible adjustments. Like reducing expenses when you lose that client.

We’ve become pretty good at slipping the jab, at rolling with what is thrown at us. But our blows are nothing compared to the life of Joseph in the book of Genesis.

The kid had it made. Loving parents. Big, rich, family. Stylish new coat, and God was speaking directly to him. Then the blows came.

Thrown down a pit. Sold into slavery. He adjusts and rises to a position of respect in his master’s house. Then he is falsely accused of attempted rape, and goes to jail. He interprets some dreams, and then is forgotten.

We don’t know much about what happened to Joseph in prison. But he didn’t despair. In every situation he rose to the top. He adjusted. I’m sure he didn’t wake up the day after he got his coat of many colors and hope that one day he could be a slave, or in jail. But even though those punches would have knocked most people down, he rolled and came up as best he could. Until after over a decade of slavery and prison he is placed in a role that allows him to save a lot of people, including his family (and by extension, Israel).

I don’t want to be a guy who lets a blow knock him out. I want to roll with it, and come back strong.