Finally, an Update

IMG_3744It’s been a few busy weeks. Not only with the move but things at work got really busy. I clocked 131 hours in under 2 weeks. That’s going to be a nice paycheck, but I really needed to be at home more… to pack.

That’s what we are doing a lot of. Packing. In fact I have a U-Haul trailer reserved for tomorrow. We are moving everything we can in the van and our cars to a storage place up in Apopka. Then this Wednesday we get a truck, and move the big stuff.

Apparently, we have a lot more books than we had when we moved here. And more bookcases. Most of the trips have been boxes of things to be read, or things that store things to be read.

Still looking and open to a new position, here or anywhere.

If you are around Orlando on Wednesday we could use a couple hands to load the big pieces.