2014 Driving Vacation

We just got back from what I’m calling the 2014 Driving Vacation. I spent over 60 hours in the car. We drive from Florida to Tennessee to see family. Then I drove from TN to Washington DC for a planning meeting with other NRB Film Committee members. Then back to TN. Then to Missouri to see more family. Then back to TN, and finally back to FL.

I think we did that in 7 or 8 days. I’ve actually lost track. I could look at the calendar but I’m still amazed that we made it back.

How did we cope? After everyone gets tired of being in a small space together, how did we survive?

A combination of audio books and hard candy kept me awake when I was driving alone.

For the family times, we use a small 13″ LCD TV and iPods/iPads to play movies. The van has plenty of 12 volt power outlets, and a small converter powers the TV.

I also have a small 12 volt refrigerator to carry drinks. We’ve even packed lunches in it before.

That’s a lot of road time, no matter what you do. I would not recommend following in our footsteps.