Let’s Make Some Short Films

clapperI am wanting to make a few short films.

I’m still hoping to work on the 12-page, sci fi-thriller I wrote called “The Experience” sometime this year. But that will require a trip to MO.

I’m thinking more along the lines of 1-3 scenes, 1-2 characters in local places. Things that can be done in an afternoon or evening. Things like this: “Carjacked.” Just a couple minutes. Maybe funny, maybe serious. Maybe spiritual, maybe not.

I have a scene i could shoot in a small chapel. Something I worked up as a corollary to the “Flawed” script I’ve got percolating on the the back burner. Would primarily but one person, monologue. With intercut clips. Lots of movement. It would be an interesting scene to hoot, allowing for some experimentation in style and interesting as a part of the other scripts universe, so to speak.

And I’m casting about for more ideas, more scripts. I posted about this on Facebook the other day and got a few people who responded asking to be a part of it. Of course, I went right into a very busy work week. I’m hoping things shake out schedule wise after the 4th of July. Maybe the end of July.

Meanwhile. If you are in Central Florida, and just want to be a part of a short film or two… no money, just fun and getting better at making movies… let me know. We need actors and crew. I’ve got some gear. Need ideas and scripts. (simple scripts we can shoot in a day)

Let’s make some movies.