Project Update

It’s been a while since I updated you on my various projects. I’ve been consumed with the details of life, and many are still over arching everyday. But I’m tired of just reacting to what is thrown my way, and want to do some thing.

Flawed– Script is pretty much done. I’m on hold with this for now. I want it to be good, and I need a more consistent schedule, some kind of normalcy, before I can move forward. Frankly, it’s just too big a project to start if we don’t know for sure that we are staying in the area. It will take at least 19 days of shooting. So add the weeks of preproduction and fundraising to the front of that and I need to have a settled schedule for the next 3 months before I try to raise money and make this happen.

But really feels like a good story. I’ve gotten some positive response from distributors and such when I pitched the project.

Other Feature Scripts– I registered I have this idea to do a church camp comedy. Just some basic script outlines. I can’t believe this hasn’t been done before.

And I still have the epic film idea, the one based on the last few chapters of Acts. It’s such a great story and we don’t really talk about it much. But these are very early in the process.

So what am I actively working on?

Short films. I wrote about this the other day. I’m gauging interest in some small projects than can be done for little money with people who want to learn more about telling stories off with through video. I’d love to see some projects from other people that we can shoot, but for now I’m working on 3 short film ideas. Each is more complex than the next.

Hosea– I’ve always been intrigued by the story of Hosea and Gomer. So much so that I put a Hosea-like character in the script for Flawed. I have a short, one actor, one location monologue of that character that I want to shoot. There are a couple of different styles of shooting I want to try. This can be shot for no money in an afternoon. It’s as simple as it gets.

Number 6– I’ve always wanted to explore genres that religious films avoid. This is an action adventure project that follows a mild mannered pastor that accidentally gets pulled into a conflict between spy rings. It deals with issues surrounding the the 6th commandment. Two main characters, this would be shot over a few evenings and weekends. There would be some expenses for props. And for post effects.

experienceThe Experience– This is a 12 page sci fi/thriller set in rural Southeast Missouri. It follows a couple out for a weekend camping trip who have very different ideas about the supernatural. It deals with the issue of truth and knowing what is true. Four characters, this would be shot on location over a weekend in MO.

So that’s what I’m working on. Once all 3 scripts are set, I’ll start looking toward raising what money we would need to accomplish these films. It won’t take much, but it will take some. I’ll need to do a flexible funding campaign to see what we can do. There will be 3 levels of fundraising. As each is reached, the next film is give a green light.

So I’ve got some work to do. Which is much better than sitting and hoping something comes along.