Snapshot of a Day

I’ve been at work at my new job for 3 days now. Not counting the days we have been looking for a place to live when we all move later. This week is very busy. I wanted to give you just a glimpse into my day.

Today we did 5 shoots.

We spent the morning hauling gear to the room we would shoot in, and then taught 8 high school students from a nearby district about video production. In particular, they had a comedy skit they wanted to shoot. We set up, explaining as we went. Then we spent about an hour and a half shooting the angles we needed. Then the students asked all the questions they wanted. They went back with the footage to edit together their video.

At lunch we rolled record an a 3 video teaching segment for an online membership class. Then in the evening we shot 3 couples who gave testimonies about their experiences in Financial Peace University.

Some pretty different projects. But all worthwhile and rewarding in their own way. This weekend we start the series of shoots for the major Christmas project.