Upcoming Posts About Remodeling Our New-to-Us Home

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 12.38.02 PMWe closed on our new house here in Longview. It’s a Contemporary/Modern style home built in the 70s. (so, 1970s Modern style. Which isn’t modern, but is interesting.) It won’t be the first time we updated an older home. When we lived in Louisiana we had a house that we did quite a bit of work on; windows, paint, bathroom remodel. We didn’t go crazy, but the work we did/had done really improved the house.

Our new house has been previously updated some. But we need to do several things to it. So I am thinking about writing up the work. First up will be something like “Floors and Fixes” followed posts about the deck, hot water heater, gutters and more.


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