IMG_4832It’s Thanksgiving! And I am so thankful to have my whole family together, and everyone and everything in Longview.

In an attempt to save money, we opted to move ourselves. But because we have 17 years and 3 kids worth of stuff, we needed two trucks. We got a 26′ and a 17′ truck. Even then we were concerned that everything might not fit.

I flew back to Florida on a Wednesday. We loaded up on Thursday, and then drove 16 ours the next day. Got some rest, and drove another 3 hours to our new home. Then we unloaded. Sounds simple when you type it, but it was a lot of hard work.


I don’t think I’ve ever packed tighter. The whole time we were loading the guys who were helping kept telling me how much stuff we had left… and wondering if we could fit everything. I was determined not to have to pull a trailer behind our truck.

In the end, we had room to spare in the smaller truck. I was concerned about how things would ride. especially when we hit Jackson, MS and the awful roads there. Amazingly, only one plastic bin was broken. A few minor scuffs, but overall very little damage considering how back the rods were.

Since we are working on the house, most things went into the garage. It got very full.


In the meantime, we had a couple of nights camping out.


There’s still so much to do before we are completely unpacked and settled. But we are making progress.

3 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Eva Smulski-Linka

    Please get in touch with me! You purchased our home and because we have a VERY similar last name your mail is being forwarded to us in Pittsburgh, PA.

    1. Eva Smulski-Linka

      I have talked to the customer service twice. I had my local postmaster call the post office in Longview. I have been turning your mail into my local post office. Today looks like a Tax statement from Gregg county and perhaps a mortgage statement and a letter from Voya. I don’t mind returning to the post office. I just hope the mail is getting to you somehow!

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