IMG_5072Last year at this time I was closing out a week of being alone. My job had kept me from traveling with my family. I was an entry level employee at PSAV. That was the job I had taken to help make ends meet before my main freelance gig went up in flames. At that point it became my main source of income.

In case you think that AV companies pay well, let me tell you… they don’t. Especially jobs that are entry level. What I needed was a job that paid enough to live on and still left enough time to pursue the dreams I had. You see, back in 2011 I had a good paying job. Except that job was a position that requires a calling. And God has altered my calling.

Prior to that I was happy and fulfilled to work as much as required to fulfill the work of the ministry position I was in. But God began to move. And I was allowed to do something I know God put in my heart for a year before I needed to get another “real” job. I was proud of what we accomplished on the show Peculiar, and happy to have that work recognized. I was disappointed in the financial success of the show, and wish it had been something that could have been self-sustaining. Happily, financial success isn’t the only kind.

Back to January 2014. I was working full time, with great benefits and not much pay, in a job I was very overqualified for. So, I set about moving up the ladder. Within just a few months I was promoted twice. Once to the “show team” where I got paid a bit more and either worked over 70 hours a week, or under 20. Then I was promoted to middle management. Still a tech, but now running a small team with much more predictable hours. And still not getting paid enough to live. It would be another year before I would be eligible for another promotion.

God wasn’t absent during this time. We didn’t know what was going on, but he did. We felt like we should sell our house... so we did. And it sold within a week. We had nowhere to go. Except to move in with family. If you ever want to feel humble, move your family of 5 in with your in-laws.

Meanwhile, the concerns of supporting a family weighed heavily on me, and dreams took a back seat. We began praying and looking for other work. We trusted God. I worked to find time to follow my dream. But never did shoot a project.

Eventually, we opened up the job search to there placed and even ministry jobs. We had gone all the way through one interview process earlier in the year, but God hadn’t given us a peace about moving then. Yet here we were a few months later, actively seeking a new job, anywhere.

I spent the Summer searching for a new ministry job. I talked to some places, but nothing was working out. I felt like I could work in a ministry job again, but didn’t feel like I was called to lead a large media ministry anymore. I still felt called to create biblically based media. But my education and experience were in traditional media ministry. I was searching for a position in a media ministry that would allow me to earn a living, do what i was trained for, and still have time to pursue what I was called to do.

So, imagine my surprised when I found myself back in Texas. I liked my time in Fort Worth during seminary, but never looked to move back. In the Fall we moved to East Texas, and got very busy. I dropped right into the busy Christmas season, and we found a house and moved in. (See the picture above, unpacking the books)

My new ministry position allows me to get paid to create visual content for the church. Arguably, this job alone allows me to do what God has called me to do. But, I also want to create a community of believers who develop and produce video and films from a biblical worldview. I’ve still got scripts to shoot, and write. I’ve got stories to tell.

This has been a hard year, but one in which we continued to see God provide and lead. I am excited to see what 2015 holds!