#NRB15 is Here!

NRB2015_LogoHere’s some things to think about.

~This is the first year with Jerry Johnson as the President of NRB. But you can already see his influence.

For instance, if this was last year, I would already be roaming the atriums at the Opryland Hotel. But this year the convention moved off the weekend. Johnson wanted to make it more friendly to pastors and church staff, so the convention that used carry over a Sunday, now starts on Tuesday.

~Digital media isn’t an afterthought anymore. Social media and the internet are a major focus. There’s a Digital Media Summit right in the middle of the convention. And the social media accounts associated with NRB have been heavily used running up to the convention.

~And the day before the convention starts the NRB FILM Committee (of which I am a member) is hosting a Film Summit with all sorts of people from the film and entertainment industry. Start the day off pitching your projects, and then learn from people who have been successful.

~Another change is the sheer amount of political speakers and topics being presented. The public policy arm of NRB is going to be front and center all week, with topics like freedom of speech and sexual orientation and marriage heading some of the events.

~Other changes are the advent of day passes, where people can buy just one day’s access to sessions, and a FREE Expo pass for the week. These changes seem to have encouraged more vendors to come back to the Expo. I even saw that AVID is coming this year. I don’t remember the last time major video editor was on the floor.

#NRB15 is going to be different and good. I’m looking forward to it!