The Experience- Short Film Cast List

experienceShooting in late Spring/early Summer in East Texas (Longview area), this 10-minute religious thriller is looking for cast and crew.

If you are interested in auditioning, follow the instructions below.

The Experience

A short film by Scott Link. A young married couple is on what is supposed to be a relaxing camping trip when the skeptical husband is thrown into a situation he can’t explain.


The HusbandThis annoyed skeptic met the woman of his dreams, married her, and then she found religion. Twenty-something male. 2 days.

The WifeA recent convert to Christianity, this young woman just wants a relaxing weekend camping trip with her husband. Twenty-something female. 1 day

The LocalHe’s country and proud of it, and he likes to fish.- Middle aged male. 1 day

The DeputyNot much happens in his jurisdiction, and that’s the way he likes it. He’d rather be fishing at his favorite spot. Middle aged male. 1 day.

To Audition:

Email a resume and headshot to You will receive further instructions.

Crew Call:

We are also looking for several crew positions. These are volunteer assignments, and you will likely work multiple roles. We need Production Assistants, Assistant Directors, Audio, and Grips. We will be shooting outside with some very nice equipment. We also have some interesting practical effects to accomplish. You can get some good experience on set, but it will be hard work. If you’re interested in helping out, email


This is a Christian movie, with Christian themes.

This is NOT a paid gig. There will be food and water on set, and you can request a copy of the finished short film for your reel.

We will be shooting in the Longview, TX area over 2 days. We will start late afternoon on a Friday, into the evening, and finish up by lunch on Saturday.

Find out more about me here. Email with questions: