Fishy Tale of a Sale: Part 2

fishyA few days ago I ordered a 19mm Sigma lens for my new camera. It’s a hard to find one, for some reason. But I did find a place on eBay that said they had several in stock. I wrote the other day about how fishy this sale has become. So after my phone call to inquire as to why my lens aid shipped but had not moved yet, they promised to 2-day air my new lens to me.

I had little hope that I would actually see the lens I wanted. I had ordered the Black version, Sony E Mount. A few hours after my call, in which the customer service rep promised that they suddenly had the lens in stock and would be shipping it out he same day, I had a new shipment tracking number.

Lo and behold, it was for 2 day shipping from Fed Ex. OK, I waited to see if the package was actually picked up. That evening the package was picked up and on its way to me. What was in it?

Was it a box of rocks? A 19mm for the MFT Mount? A silver version of the lens I ordered? At this point I would have taken the silver one. Would it be a new lens or a return?

This afternoon I got the package, and there was my brand new 19mm Sigma Art f2.8 for Sony E Mount, in black. I still think marking an item as shipped to protect your eBay rating is slimy. Since the offer “free shipping” if they mark it as shipped within a day buyers cannot adjust the shipping rating down. In this case, if I hadn’t called to complain my shipping would have taken over a week longer than expected.

However, I am very pleased with the lens so far. Loving the video AF capability. I can’t wait to use it.

I will probably stay away from this seller on eBay in the future. They did get the right product to me within a reasonable timeframe, but I had to call them and complain to get it done.