How to Get Best Buy Black Friday Deals Online

For the past 3 years I have been able to take advantage of some of the Black Friday Sale deals from Best Buy before Friday (or Thursday). This isn’t for the major doorbusters, but I have been able to buy some gifts and electronics without braving the crowds on Black Friday. I’ve purchased computers, video games, movies, and even a large TV this way. And everything is delivered to my door by Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving.

You can do this by shopping the Black Friday Elite Early Access sale on the Monday before Thanksgiving. In order to participate you need to have an active Best Buy Reward Zone membership with Elite or Elite Plus status that is associated with your account. Once you’ve qualified, on the Monday before Thanksgiving you can see a link on the Best Buy Website like this:

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.40.35 AM

Obviously, the images will vary from year to year, but that link gets you into a special pre-Black-Friday sale event where you can purchase many of the sale items and have them shipped to your home, with free shipping. You must complete your purchases before midnight that Monday. It’s too late for 2015, but you can be ready for next year.

In order to qualify for Elite status in the Reward Zone program, you need to make $1500 worth of purchases. You can do this by buying lots of cheap things or a few expensive things at the store. Of course, you may not want to drop $1500 just so you can buy a video game 50% one weekend a year.

There is another way to qualify. I want to preface this by warning you that amassing credit card debt is not a smart thing. If you cannot control your spending habits, then do not do what I am about to suggest. The other way to qualify as an Elite Best Buy Reward Zone member is to use the Best Buy Visa card for $1500 worth of purchases through the year. This is how I qualify ever year. These do not have to be at Best Buy stores. Buying gas or paying your cell phone bill will count toward your Elite status. If you have reoccurring charges, use the card to pay those, and then pay them off every month. Use it to buy groceries a few times. Just make sure to pay off the balance every month. In no time you will have qualified for Elite Reward Zone status. And then you can participate in the early access sale.

You can’t buy a new Toshiba 49″ LED TV for $150 or a laptop for $140, but you can get most of the Black Friday deals through this sale. This year, I bought a couple of gifts and a couple of movies. Last year I bought a TV. All from the comfort of my home. No lines, no hassles.

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