New Gear Syndrome: Sony a6300

It’s so hard to resist.

Just when you get to know this great piece of equipment, and you are really utilizing the features, turning out some great work… They announce a new, better version. Suddenly the camera in your hand is just junk, and you must have the new item.

That phone, that camera, that microphone that was perfectly fine before suddenly loses it’s shine.

Today Sony finally announced the update to the Sony a6000. I just got my a6000 last year. It’s an awesome camera. Mirrorless so I can adapt almost any lens to it. Full on usable unto focus in video with E Mount lenses. I loved it, right up until I read about the new Sony a6300.

Oh man, I want one. Full 4k, s log 3, 120 fps at 1080p. I didn’t even know what I was missing until this new one was announced! Still no external audio input short of an expensive Sony add on (seriously?) but a nice step up. Unfortunately, I’m not dropping $1000 on a new body just yet. I would love to make the upgrade, and I’m sure I will some time in the future, it just won’t be right now.

But so you can join me in the new desire for this new mirrorless body from Sony, here are some videos: