The Documentary Is Out!

cover 1new fontIt’s been a crazy week. I forgot to post that the documentary is out! It’s currently available at Vimeo on Demand and Christian Cinema. It’s been submitted to Amazon, through Amazon Video Direct, an I thought it would have already been out by now, but… still waiting. UPDATE: It’s live on Amazon Video now!

In the mean time, on this path of self distribution, I have partnered with FilmHub. FilmHub is an aggregator without upfront fees. They take 20% of any sales to or through any outlet they set up. There’s no contract, and its not exclusive.

So, I have excluded SVOD and AVOD rights for North America. I’m only allowing TVOD (Transactional Video On Demand)for now. In North America you can only buy a copy.

But FilmHub has already started the placement with Amazon Prime in other, non-North-American countries. These are countries I cannot reach through Amazon Video Direct. So that’s great.

I would really like to get placed on iTunes…