Who is Scott Link?

scott 2 I am a Christian, husband, father of 3, creator/producer of the TV show Peculiar, and owner of Scott Link Media. I’m passionate about creating religious media. I directed a feature length documentary project called “If My Judges Are ready?” I work as the Director of Communications for Mobberly Baptist Church in Longview, TX.

This blog is where I write about that, and sometimes other general stuff in life. There are lots of posts about tech and other areas of production. And lots on the issues facing Christian programmers in TV, and independent, religious filmmakers. Once in a while I spin off into politics. Sorry about that. I should mention that these thoughts are mine, and don’t represent any organization or group.

I’ve worked with just about every form of media available, which means I know a little bit about most of it, and not enough about some. I have a B.S. in Radio/TV from MTSU and an M.A. in Communications from SWBTS.

I wrote a weekly column for my secular college newspaper from a faith-based perspective. I worked in a recording studio in Nashville, I freelanced for magazines. I worked in live radio. For a while, I was even in management at Target.

For over 19 years I have served in full-time vocational ministry in Southern Baptist churches, working in the area of media & communications. In most churches that means doing or supervising all video, TV and media production. In some it meant doing or supervising all aspects of communications including the internet, public relations, and marketing/advertising. Currently I produce oversee communications for a church in East Texas.

I developed a Christian sitcom called Peculiar, have been working on other projects including several short films, and now a full length documentary film about competitive speech and debate.

Contact: scott@scottlinkmedia.com