Gear List for BRKN

Yesterday my new short film BRKN released. I wanted to give you a run down of what I used to make it.


Celtx Studio: A great set of online tools for scriptwriting, breakdown, shot lists, schedules, budgets, and more. You input the info and it does the work.

Production Gear:

Sony Alpha a6000

Sigma 19mm f2.9 Art series

Pentax A 35-70mm f4

1 Kinoflo 4 bank

1 soft box

2 basic lights

1 DIY LED light

Bulbs were all fluorescent daylight color temp.

A fluid head tripod and a DIY slider.

Audix SCX1 HC

Zoom H4n

Various stands, cables, SD cards, diffusers and clips.


Adobe Premiere CC

Adobe Photoshop CC (To fix an exposed stand.)

Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks

That’s it. A lot of little pieces to make a whole. The continuous AF with the Sigma and the a6000 worked amazing well.

Watch BRKN Now.


“BRKN” by the Numbers

BRKN logoPost is progressing swiftly on the short film BRKN. I thought I share some of the numbers associated with it.

13 Dollars. The actual amount of money spent. For snacks. I either owned or borrowed everything else. No-budget production.

300 Dollars. How much would have been spent for camera/lighting rental if I didn’t own or borrow the gear.

3 Hours. Length of time actually shooting on set.

2 Weeks. Length of time in Preproduction.

3 People. The number of bodies on the set. 2 actors and me. That’s it. Think that’s not enough? Me too. Want to help out next time? Shoot me an email: scott(at)

5 minutes. Approximate length of BRKN.

1 camera. A Sony a6000.

2 Lenses. A Sigma 19mm f2.8 Art and a Pentax A f4 35-70mm Adapted to E Mount. The AF on the a6000 with the 19mm allowed me to do a couple of camera moves I wouldn’t have tried.

1 DIY Slider. My RigWheels/Cam-On-Wheels style home-made slider. Performed very well.

It was great to be on set again, and I am hoping to do another project soon.

BRKN Update

BRKN logoPost on the short film BRKN is making progress. The edit is complete, and I need to add music and color grade. I hope to complete it this week.

Assuming all goes plan, from concept to completion in under a month.

I hope to do another one in late Summer. I’d like to do the sci fi/thriller I have the script for, but will need to see if I can find enough cast and crew. If not, I will come up with another idea.

Filmmaking is fun. And scary, because you are putting something you created out there. The more I do it, the better I get at it. But I always have the same fears before I shoot and before I release a project.

New Shoot Schedule

BRKN logoI had hoped to shoot “The Experience” this month, but have had trouble finding both cast and crew. The project may have been a little ambitious for the first one here in East Texas. I still hope to shoot it this year, and I hope that my first short film produced here will help us get some attention so we can fill those roles.

I will be shooting a smaller project in the next couple of weeks. It’s a new short film called “BRKN” and only has 2 actors and one location. It deals with some important issues, and I’m eager to get the shoot done.

I hope that this project will show what we can do here with indie short film, and I can use it to find more people who want to do film work here in East Texas.

“BRKN” is scheduled to shoot Memorial Day Weekend.

“The Experience” will hopefully shoot later this year.