Just a Few Hours Left in the Crowdfunding Campaign

Less than 7 hours until my crowdfunding campaign ends.

To be frank this one has been tough. I put in more work setting this one up than any of the previous ones. I had the “large” donors set up to drop their donations in the first few days. And I had built relationships in communities that will be the target audience for the finished movie.

When the campaign launched, I had several large donations come in. But almost zero small donations. When I did the campaigns for my TV show I had lots of small donations and almost no large ones. A couple of the communities I was in were a bust. I don’t know what happened to the rest.

But a few larger donations have come in outside the campaign. I am under $500 away from reaching the goal.

It’s not likely that I will reach it, but I will have enough to make the film, and tell these stories. Later, I will try to figure out how I misread my audience so much.


Peculiar Fundraising Update

cover supportWe have been in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign over at IndieGoGo for new episodes of my show, Peculiar.

We have 19 days left. We are 22% toward our goal. We passed the 2nd donation level… which means we released a 2nd Reveal Video. When we hit certain levels of donations, we reveal a little more about the new episodes. This one exposes a few of the themes for upcoming shows:

And in case you missed it, here is the first level Reveal Video:

So now you are up to date on the campaign! Next Reveal Video will be out when we hit $2000.

We need your help to make this happen. You can do something “Peculiar” and support Independent Christian TV! Even if you decide not to give any cash, you can use the tools on the page, right under the video, to share the campaign with your friends.

Why You Should Support the Peculiar Kickstarter Campaign

I’m talking to you, not your friends. They should support it, but you should, too.

Let me tell you why.

1. It’s a good show. Look, I know it’s not the best show ever made, but it’s good and will get better. The concept is good. With more money we can be a lot better. Be something more people want to see. Something you want to see.

2. It’s a good cause. If you have read my blog you know why I’m doing this. Religious broadcasting it doomed. It’s got a shelf life. We need to figure out how to do something else, quickly. In 10 years it may be too late. In 20 years it will be way too late. Whole generations are being raised with no knowledge of what real faith in Christ is like.

3. There are some great rewards. Who doesn’t want a T Shirt with a big Peculiar stamp on it? Free episode downloads of the show? Or if you’ve got deeper pockets, lunch with me where you can ask anything you want about the show, or your own walk on role.

4. It’s easier than you think. Got an Amazon account? Then you are set to go. Got $1? I’ll take it. $5, 10, 15? Any amount. It all helps. Don’t think that a $1 pledge won’t help. It will. Can you give a $1 to a good cause?

So, click the link and pledge, already! I need you.

Kickstarter Progress

18% funded. And we finally made the front page of a featured section of the site. It’s just the location section, but at least we are not buried three pages down.

I’d feel more comfortable if we were at 38% not 18%. It’s a short campaign. I’d love to get ahead of the curve. A lot of projects get to 20%. Not a lot of projects get to 30%.

I’m working on a couple of ideas if we don’t make the goal, but I’m praying for success now.

Peculiar T Shirt and Ad Campaign

I really want one of those T Shirts. A big “Peculiar” stamped on the front and the show web site on the back.

They are one of the rewards for the show’s Kickstarter project. Going on now.

In order to get some more attention to the project, I started a couple of ad campaigns on Facebook. Anyone connected with the show’s fan page, or connected to someone connected to the page, can see the ad talking about the shirt. And then see that the shirt is currently only available by pledging $25 or more on the Kickstarting project.

Peculiar Season 1 Kickstarter is Live

I hate asking people for money.

But, will you support my show?

Even if you can’t right now, will you look at the project on Kickstarter and share it on Facebook and twitter? Or email your friends?

I need your help to make this happen. You, or someone you know may be the key to reaching our goal, and getting the show going for the Fall.

Here’s the link: http://kck.st/N4OkCc

Please take a minute to read about the project. Please prayerfully consider supporting it. Please let your friends know about it.