Where Are the Young Christian Male Actors?

Seriously. I’ve been really surprised by this. I noticed it when I was casting for the pilot. I sent the casting call for the next five episodes out to a broader group this time, and it’s still the same. I have had almost a dozen women respond to read for parts. I have had 2 guys respond, and only one of those can play college age.

Is it a money thing, or a time thing? Is it a macho thing? Don’t up and coming male actors have to start out with non paying gigs just like up and coming female actors?

Why is it that young Christian male actors who can play 18-24 years old are so hard to find? If you are a young guy thinking about going into acting in Central Florida, there won’t be a lot of competition for you.

[Update] We have had some guys contact us for an audition. Still not anywhere close to the amount of women.