Peculiar – Digital Access Soon to be Available on Christian Cinema

B&W Peculiar Logo.jpg
The changes in SVOD platforms have made me take a long look at where the series has been available, and where the people who would most want to see it are consuming content.

I believe that even though the series is aging, the best outlet is Christian Cinema.

Assuming all goes as planned, all 10 episodes of Peculiar will be available on through the Transactional Video On Demand (TVOD) platform. You’ll be able to purchase episodes or the entire series, and view it on your computer, TV or digital device.

At the end of February, Peculiar will no longer be available on Amazon Prime Video. And it’s already been removed from Youtube.

Check out the newly-cut-for-2018 series trailer for Peculiar:

It’s my hope that making this content (which was made for a Christian audiences) available to people who are looking for Christian content, more people will see it. Instead of just throwing it out into the world through any outlet possible, this more targeted release will put the show in front of more people who might actually want to watch it.

Buying a House (Updated)

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 12.38.02 PM(See Update at the end) I have never had so much trouble finding a home than we have had here in Longview.

We have a great agent, but there just aren’t a lot of 4 bedroom homes in our price range. They do exist but you have to weed through the listings to find them. We looked together a couple of days, but then my wife had to go back to Florida. So I’ve kept looking. If I had money, I would build a lot of homes with 4 bedrooms in this price range. You could make a killing here.

At one point we had a contract on a large home near the church. But, the inspection revealed some major issues. Like, the septic system was about to overflow into the yard. The electrical system had fire issues and major grounding issues. The rafters on an addition were not supported properly. So, we pulled out of the contract.

Which put us back on the search. Today, I was in the process of signing an offer on another house that was dry similar to the one we had in Florida. But it was a little more than I wanted to spend. Still, in order to get the house we needed, I was willing to try.

If this offer wasn’t accepted, we were going to move into an apartment complex I found that has 3 month leases, and look again after Christmas. We are right at the limit of being able to close on a purchase before Thanksgiving.

As I’m signing I get a call about a new house on the market today. It’s right in our price range and it has been completely updated. It’s in a good location. So I didn’t sign the offer, and I’m seeing the house tomorrow. If we like it (My wife sees them via FaceTime) we will make an offer.

Wouldn’t it be just a God thing if we found a better option just before we made an offer on something that would stretch us? If it doesn’t work out, we can decide whether we want to offer on the higher priced one, or rent for a little while.

Update: Well, we went, we saw, and tried to buy that house. It was not to be, however. We cold not come to an agreement. Another home we had been interested in came on the market, and I went to see it: Too small, wrong rooms. One we had not been able to see at all finally gave us an appointment, and i went to see it.

While I was in my car waiting to go in, I scanned the app for any new listings. Low and behold I happened to see one, located less than a mile from where I was waiting. So I drove over. Turns out it was a house we had seen back when we first visited town. Back then it was priced much higher. Since the the house was purchased by a RELO company, and they had dropped the price considerably.

So we offered, and they countered and we now have a contract on a great 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath within a few minutes of the church.