New Missions Haiti Team Airport Reunion

They went to Haiti for a reason, and that reason did not change because of an earthquake. As soon as possible the teams were carrying rice and beans to nearby villages. They continued to serve to the people of Haiti.

Even though they wanted to stay and continue to help, the situation required that steps be taken to get them out as soon as possible. New Missions property was in a location that allowed us to work with private and public resources, and secure air transport from Haiti to The Dominican Republic for all 44 people on this trip, plus a missionary family living on New Missions site. The New Missions site is on the Leogane plain, on the north side of Haiti. About 25 miles from the airport in Port-Au-Prince.

From there we arranged a plane to take our people, and over 70 others, from Haiti to the United States. They could have been home hours ago, but they worked with the State Department to fill the plane with dozens more, transporting them to safety.

While we rejoice that we were able to get out people back home, our hearts break for those we could not help. Please continue to join us in prayer for Haiti. Now more than ever, our focus should be on helping the people of Haiti.

This is footage of the team’s return home at the airport.