Knee Surgery and the Things You Take For Granted

Recently I began having real pain when I walked down stairs. Then it progressed to just walking more than 200 feet. So one MRI later, I was told I had a tear in the meniscus of my knee. There’s isn’t any real cause of this, other than just getting older and some freak twist which happens to catch in the knee. I never even knew i tore it, until it started hurting.

The only way to fix it is arthroscopic surgery. So I found a hole in my schedule and got it done. As far as surgeries go, this one is minor. No issues, and really, you are up and around very quickly. I was off crutches within four days. But, I’m not healed yet.

I am often reminded of just how hurt i still am. All i have to do is forget, an start down or up a stairs case. oops. Yesterday I forgot I was recovering, and squatted down. I can do that if i am moving slow, but wow I sure found out I cannot do it fast right now.

These are simple movements that I never even thought about. You need to go up stairs? Just go. Need to get down to get something, no problem.

The funny thing about stuff you take for granted is that when it’s gone you get surprised. I wonder what other parts of my life and relationships I take for granted every day? I wonder how much I miss them if they were gone?