“Tweetup” & NRB

So, at a convention that is primarily about traditional media, I attended my very first “Tweetup”. Conference goers who were using the hashtag #nrb2010 while posting about the convention were invited to a suite rented by one of the exhibitors for a gathering, complete with food. With some amount of trepidation I approached, not knowing what to expect. I am a geek, but even I have limits. This had the potential to be the “geekiest” thing I’d ever done.

Turns out it was just other media professionals hanging out. I met some very nice people, from all kinds of companies and backgrounds. I spoke in person with people I had communicated with via twitter earlier in the day.

The convention has had a lot of conversation about social media, and how traditional media entities can/should be using it to reach the world with the Gospel. So much so that even on twitter someone posted, asking why people were focusing on social media so much at a broadcasting convention. But people are realizing that this highly interactive new media has huge possibilities. As facebook grows, with over 350 million members, it is the 4th largest country in the world. Who is reach those people?

One presenter, Matt Heerema from Desiring God, said that social media is a reality check. We cannot be focused on the medium we use, that it’s isn’t the point. The point of what we do is the message. We must use any and every means available. That is a reality check for people who have devoted their lives to one traditional media. We must branch out, and move beyond traditional media.